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Weta Workshop

The Lord of the Rings: Leaflock the Ent Statue 1/6 - 76 cm

The Lord of the Rings: Leaflock the Ent Statue 1/6 - 76 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

Introducing "The Lord of the Rings: Leaflock the Ent" Statue in 1/6 scale, standing at an impressive 76 cm. This meticulously crafted collectible brings to life the iconic character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Leaflock, one of the Ents, is captured in exquisite detail, showcasing the ancient and majestic nature of these tree-like beings. Standing at 76 cm, this statue provides a commanding presence and serves as a centerpiece for any collector's display.

Crafted by Weta Workshop, known for their exceptional artistry and commitment to capturing the essence of fantasy worlds, this statue reflects the studio's dedication to bringing Middle-earth to life in stunning detail. From the intricate texture of the bark to the lifelike expression, every aspect of Leaflock is carefully sculpted to capture the spirit of the character as seen in "The Lord of the Rings" film trilogy.

This 1/6 scale statue offers fans and collectors an opportunity to own a limited edition piece that celebrates the rich lore of Tolkien's universe. With only a select number available, this Leaflock the Ent Statue is a must-have for enthusiasts of "The Lord of the Rings" and those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that Weta Workshop is renowned for.


  • 1:6 scale;
  • Limited Edition of 347;
  • Made from high-quality polystone;
  • Depicts one of the last remaining Ents during the siege of Isengard;
  • Contains two (and a half) Orcs, squashed, pinned and/or crushed by the Ent’s wrath;
  • Sculpted by combining the talents of Zhaohui Gong, Shaun Bolton, and Kim Beaton.

Dimensions: 55 x 76 x 60 cm

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