The Bluecoats Collection Statue Chesterfield and Blutch 23 cm

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Statues The Bluecoats

LMZ Collectibles presents the fourth figurine of Sergent Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch collection dedicated to the universe of The Bluecoats.

It's not true !
Oh yes !
It's not true !
Oh yes !
It's not true !
Oh yes !

(dialogue from the album N°4 "Outlaw", p.39)

… well, yeah ! As a tribute to the recently deceased Raoul Cauvin, and his sense of hilarious lines, we REALLY offer you this splendid diorama. This was produced in collaboration with Willy Lambil. We can imagine that it would have delighted the late Salvérius as the realism of the characters and the decorative elements is admirable.

At the front, obviously, we find Cornelius Chesterfield, the narrow-minded sergeant, at the reins of an anonymous chase, followed by a dubious Corporal Blutch riding Arabesque, a mare whose name so well reflects the modeler's talent in transcribing a trot peaceful.

Impeccable outfits, from boots to kepi, complete harness, pack included, the precision of the details is there. Likewise, the decor is not lacking in finesse, with the grass, the rocks, the sand of the bank, the trunk of dead wood, the foaming water and even the splashes.

Also, if a rude person, discovering your acquisition, takes the liberty of saying: "oh, one two horses!", immediately reply to the impudent person that he is right to be jealous because a diorama like this, in in all honesty, it's a tunic!

Digital Sculpture: Yann Berthonneau
Artistic Direction: Arnaud Tanguy
Packaging: Romain Diguet

Made of resin. Molded, assembled and hand painted.
Limited to 300 units.
Size: 23 x 56 x 30 cm

This is not a toy. Collectible resin statues intended for adult collectors.