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Barbie Signature Lunar New Year Collectible Doll Inspired by Peking Opera

Barbie Signature Lunar New Year Collectible Doll Inspired by Peking Opera

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Celebrate the beauty and tradition of the Lunar New Year with a gorgeous Barbie doll! Inspired by the spectacular performance art at the Peking opera, this collector doll wears a rich red robe with an intricate peony print and accessories that reference traditional elements of the Peking opera. Stunning packaging makes her perfect for gifting and display. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • This Lunar New Year Barbie doll takes inspiration from the Peking opera, which is regarded as a cultural treasure of China and often performed during holidays and festivities.
  • She wears a traditional robe in the lucky color red, printed with colorful peony flowers that symbolize good fortune. Her traditional opera headdress is adorned with peonies as well!
  • Barbie doll’s long cascading sleeves emulate the “water sleeves” worn by actresses to exaggerate hand motions and expressions on stage.
  • Cyan blue shoes reference the signature style and color of the Peking opera, complete with a sculpted pink tassel detail.
  • May this elegant Barbie Lunar New Year doll bring joy to many celebrators of the holiday, and serve as a cherished gift for years to come.
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