About Us

The Gadgetz Home Story.
Gadgetz Home was founded in 2018. What started out as a cool thing to do, miraculously turned into a great and global business. We like to think it happened with the help of some magic, but to be true it also took a lot of hard work from time to time. 
So, what do we do? In short, we sell merchandise and collectibles from popular series and films such as Disney, Marvel, HBO and Netflix. We handpick all our products ourselves to make sure we never have a boring item in our shop.
By the way, all our products are 100% original licensed items from official manufacturers and European wholesalers. 
Our offices and warehouses are located in The Netherlands and in Germany.
From here we ship worldwide and we indeed have customers as far as New Zealand!
Our slogan is: "Never stop Collecting!"
Try out our friendly and great customer service!

We can help you in English, German, Dutch and (some) French.

We at Gadgetz Home love collecting and are happy to look for that one special item for our customers. Need an order extra fast? Looking for a specific collectable item? Just ask us, that's what we are here for. 

Give us a call:  (+31) (0)85 888 43 22 or Send us a message

Office Location (HQ):

Bergerweg 61

6135 KD Sittard

The Netherlands