Keith Haring: BE@RBRICK v9 (Dancing Dogs) 100% & 400% Figure set

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The Keith Haring BE@RBRICK Dancing Dogs Figure set is a distinctive and collectible collaboration between the renowned artist Keith Haring and the BE@RBRICK platform by Medicom Toy Incorporated. This limited edition set features two BE@RBRICK figures in different sizes, 100% and 400%, and draws inspiration from Haring's iconic Dancing Dogs artwork.

BE@RBRICK, known for its bear-shaped design, has become a popular canvas for artists to showcase their unique styles. In this set, Keith Haring's playful and energetic Dancing Dogs, a motif often found in his works, is translated onto the BE@RBRICK figures. The smaller 100% figure is standard BE@RBRICK size, while the larger 400% figure is four times the size, creating a visually impactful display.

Keith Haring's art is celebrated for its vibrant colors, bold lines, and social commentary, and this BE@RBRICK set captures the essence of his distinctive style. The collaboration showcases Haring's influence on contemporary art and design, bringing his iconic imagery into the realm of collectible toys.

As a limited edition figure set, the Keith Haring BE@RBRICK Dancing Dogs 100% & 400% Figure set is likely to be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of Keith Haring's work. The combination of the artist's unique imagery on the popular BE@RBRICK platform makes this set not only a collectible toy but also a piece of art that pays homage to Haring's legacy in the art world.

Weight:280 gram
Product Dimensions:13cm x 7cm x 28cm (LxWxH )
Package Dimensions:20cm x 12cm x 30cm (LxWxH )