Banksy: BE@RBRICK Monkey Sign (Banksy x Brandalised) 100% & 400% Figure set

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The Banksy BE@RBRICK Monkey Sign Figure set is a unique and artistic collaboration between the renowned street artist Banksy and Brandalised. This limited edition set features two BE@RBRICK figures in different sizes, 100% and 400%, and is inspired by Banksy's iconic Monkey Sign artwork.

BE@RBRICK is a collectible toy line produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. The figures are bear-shaped and have become a popular canvas for artistic collaborations, allowing artists like Banksy to bring their distinctive styles to a new medium.

In this set, Banksy's Monkey Sign, known for its social commentary and wit, is translated onto the BE@RBRICK figures. The smaller 100% figure is approximately the size of a standard BE@RBRICK, while the larger 400% figure is four times the size, creating a visually striking and dynamic display.

The collaboration with Brandalised, a platform that promotes street art and works with various street artists, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the set. This particular release not only serves as a collectible toy but also as a piece of art that reflects Banksy's subversive and thought-provoking style.

As a limited edition figure set, this BE@RBRICK Figure set is likely to be highly sought after by collectors and fans of Banksy's work. The combination of the artist's unique imagery on the popular BE@RBRICK platform makes this set a compelling and visually impactful addition to any art or toy collection.