Tintin - Statue - Collector's item - Figurine Arumbaya-Fetish - 28 cm - from the Collection Les Icônes Moulinsart 46406

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Tintin Statue Arumbaya

Tintin - Limited resin figure Arumbaya fetish

The mysterious and coveted Arumbaya fetish is actually a pre-Columbian figurine from the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels.
The origin of this figurine is far removed from the Amazon region: it comes from the area around the city of Trujillo in northern Peru. The real museum piece does not have a broken ear, while the only way to tell the "real" image in the story is through the broken ear!

In Brussels, an arbaya fetish was stolen and then returned to the Ethnographic Museum. Meanwhile, a woodcarver, Mr. Balthazar, is found dead. Tintin discovers that the restored fetish is a copy and decides to investigate these two cases that seem to be related...

6th item in the "Icons" collection, the Arumbaya fetish comes from the album L'Oreille Cassée.

Arumbaya's fetish is an essential piece that has been the subject of several reissues, including pirates, already during Hergé's lifetime. It exists or has existed in lead, plaster, PVC, PVC and metal key chains, but also in resin with a height of 15 cm, 22 cm and 46 cm. In 2016 it appeared with a size of 19 cm in the collection "Le Musée Imaginaire".

With a height of 28 cm, this polychrome resin is limited but without indication of edition, comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a specific box in the colors of the collection.

Weight of the figurine: 770 grams
Box dimensions: L x W x H (cm) = 35.00 x 19.00 x 16.00
Package weight: 1,640 grams.