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Fariboles Productions

Smurfs: Smurfette House - Fariboles Productions

Smurfs: Smurfette House - Fariboles Productions

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Smurf Statue

Fariboles Productions

It is in everyone's imagination, this little house, lovingly decorated by Smurfette! We have all dreamed of spending a few days there, warm and cozy, near the small fireplace, in the center of the Smurfs' village!

But read carefully the story imagined by the brilliant Peyo: this house was originally that of a smurf, everything that is "normal" and who asked nothing of anyone! He was dislodged to give a roof to the newcomer! And the latter did not just stay with the locals, she also wreaked havoc in the village!

Edition limited to 350 numbered copies and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Sculptor(s): Alban Ficat
Year of publication: 2018
Author(s): Peyo
Diffusion: 350 copies
Height: 16,5 cm
Material: Resin
Reference: MA1


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