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Animaniacs Ultimates Action Figure Pinky 18 cm

Animaniacs Ultimates Action Figure Pinky 18 cm

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Action figures Animaniacs


"Narf!" Pinky does try to help take over the world every night, but trying to put pantyhose on a llama-riding monkey just chafes his little paws too much! This 18 cm scale highly-articulated Animaniacs ULTIMATES! figure of Pinky features premium detail and comes with interchangeable heads & hands, and a variety of other accessories, including various lab equipment and a picture of his girlfriend, Pharfignewton. While Pinky's love for his equine sweetheart is everlasting, your chance to get his Animaniacs ULTIMATES! figure is not! So when deciding what you're going to do tonight, instead of trying to take over the world, you should hatch a plot to acquire the made-to-order Pinky ULTIMATES! figure instead!


- 3x interchangeable heads
- 10x interchangeable hands
- 1x Grapple hook
- 1x Beaker set
- 1x Beaker w/ Bunsen burner
- 1x Lab Equipment
- 1x Notepad
- 1x Photo of Pharfignewton

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