Minions D-Stage PVC Diorama Prehistoric 15 cm

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Dioramas Minions

Introducing Beast Kingdom's Minions D-Stage PVC Diorama, where the adorable, pint-sized superstars bring their mischievous charm to life! From the iconic scenes of Despicable Me and Minions movies, these 15 cm dioramas capture the zany antics of our yellow friends in four exciting sets. Whether it's a rocket launch, prehistoric adventures, firefighting chaos, or a tropical beach escape, each diorama is meticulously crafted for 360-degrees of fun. With detailed 3D-modelling and a focus on fine details, these dioramas are a must-have to add a touch of wackiness to your day!
Using detailed 3D-modelling, fans can enjoy 360-degrees of fun. Each side of the diorama reveals a new secret, can you find them all?

Standing at 15 cm and with a focus on fine details, each diorama is bursting with fun. So make sure you take all four in the series home and bring a little wackiness to your day!