Tintin - The Adventures Tintin in America - English edition, black and white drawings. Official Tintin edition.

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Tintin comic book

Tintin in America Black and White fac-simile edition. The fac-similes are identical copies of the first editions of the Tintin albums.
The publication of Tintin in America took place between September 1931 and October 1932 in Le Petit Vingtième. This is the third adventure of the Belgian reporter created by Hergé in which he travels to the United States, where he confronts the fearsome syndicate of Chicago gangsters, among them the famous Al Capone. This edition is the facsimile in black and white with the original plates, with cloth spine and antique paper weight.

Hergé (Georges Remi) was born in Brussels on May 22, 1907. As a young boy, he went to the Sint-Boniface college in Brussels where he quickly became bored. In 1921, through the college, he came into contact with the scouts where he nicknamed "curious fox". Their first drawings date from this time and appear for the first time in "Jammais Assez", the scouts' school magazine. From 1923, when Remi was 16, drawings also appeared regularly in "Le Boy-scout", the monthly magazine for the Belgian scouts. From now on he signs all his drawings with Hergé, the initials of Remi Georges (pronounced in French).